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Each month has two Ekadashi tithis and each of these Ekadashi is known by different names. The Ekadashi Tithi which falls on the month of Krishna Paksha of the month of Ashadha is called Yogini Ekadashi Tithi. Yogini Ekadashi’s fast this year will be observed on July 5th. In this Ekadashi, the devotees worship Lord Vishnu and observe the fast. According to Hindu beliefs, Lord Krishna had said that the fast of Yogini Ekadashi would yield fruit equivalent to feeding 88,000 Brahmins.

Yogini Ekadashi date and time

According to the Panchang, Krishna Paksha’s Ekadashi for the month of Ashadha will begin at 7:55 p.m. on July 4 and end on July 5 at 10:30 p.m. Along with Udaya Tithi, Yogini Ekadashi Tithi will be observed throughout the day of July 5th. Therefore, the fast of Yogini Ekadashi will only be valid on July 5th. According to Hindu mythology, the person who is fasting on this day should do Parana from 5:29 a.m. from the morning to 8:16 am, the day after the fast. According to the rules, the fast must be broken before the end of Dwadashi Tithi.

Meaning of Yogini Ekadashi

It is believed that by observing the fast of Ekadashi on this holy day, one is freed from all kinds of sins and all one’s wishes are granted. Some also believe that Ekadashi’s fast leads to salvation after death.

Yogini Ekadashi puja vidhi

The devotees should get up early in the morning and after a bath, light a lamp in the temple of the house. The next step is to anoint Lord Vishnu with the holy water of Ganga. Offer flowers and Tulsi Dal to Lord Vishnu and offer prayers. Only sattvik offerings are made to God. Tulsi is to be included in the bhog made for Lord Vishnu. It is believed that without Tulsi, the god does not accept food. Goddess Lakshmi is also worshiped on this holy day. Meditation before God could do wonders for you.

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