Kurukshetra University Center identifies new Saraswati channel: The Tribune India

Nitish Sharma

Tribune press service

Kurukshetra, December 18

The Center of Excellence for Research on the Saraswati River (CERSR), University of Kurukshetra, claimed to have identified a major channel in the Saraswati river system, describing a gradual westward shift in the course of the river due to the modification of the slope of the land.

Oldest civilization

This study of Saraswati’s chronology in conjunction with archaeological studies conducted at Bhirrana undoubtedly establishes that the civilization nurtured by Saraswati in Haryana is the oldest in the world. Prof. AR Chaudhri, Director, CERSR

According to the study, the water for this canal from Saharanpur in UP to the Gulf of Khambhat in Gujarat came from the Kailash-Mansarovar region. He crossed from Saharanpur in UP to Karnal in Haryana. Then he passed through the districts of Panipat, Sonepat, Jhajjar and Mahendragarh.

In addition, it was sinking near Dhosi hill. Then, in Rajasthan, it crossed the Sambhar and Pushkar lakes and flowed near Nimbahera, Nathdwara and Dungarpur. In Gujarat, the canal flowed near Lunawada, Vasad and Khambhat.

Gradually, due to structural changes in the terrain, this channel changed course and the river began to flow through the districts of Karnal, Panipat, Sonepat, Jind and Hisar before crossing Rawatsar in Rajasthan.

Subsequently, the inlet flow into this channel also shifted and gradually the Yamunanagar inlet increased compared to the Kailash Mansarovar canal.

The Saraswati paleochannel, identified as Adi Badri in Yamunanagar, runs through the districts of Kurukshetra, Pehowa, Kaithal, Jind, Fatehabad and Sirsa. This channel crosses NH-44 at Pipli in Kurukshetra.

Professor AR Chaudhri, Director of CERSR, said: “The oldest canal in the Saraswati river system identified to date is that of the Drishadvati Vedic River which, probably in pre-Vedic times, was the original. The water for this canal came from the Kailash-Mansarovar region. The number of archaeological sites in southern Haryana along the Drishadvati paleo-trail far exceeds the sites along the Saraswati Canal passing through Kurukshetra. This suggests that this channel was perhaps older and more robust than the Kurukshetra Saraswati channel. “

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