Kylie Minogue Opens Up About a Hidden Health Condition and a Diet That Alleviates It

Pop legend Kylie Minogue has spoken about her health on more than one occasion before, including a “hidden” condition.

The Australian star, 54, is all over the BBC Two programs this weekend. Programming – including Kylie at the BBC – has been postponed in recent weeks due to the Queen’s death.

But Kylie fans might now be left with the head, uh, Spinning Around how Kylie the Beeb packed on Saturday (September 24) night.

And as viewers travel back in time for a selection of Kylie’s greatest performances on the BBC, no doubt many will be searching for aspects of her life online.

So here’s the answer to what Googlers will want to know about how Kylie manages to look so young after 25 years in the spotlight.

Kylie Minogue is all over BBC Two this Saturday night. (YouTube)

Kylie Minogue opens up about a ‘hidden health issue’

In 2018, Kylie was interviewed for New Zealand fashion magazine Remix.

During the conversation, she was asked about her secrets regarding her appearance.

The interviewer said they had recently seen Kylie on the cover of Vogue and wanted to know how she “keeps looking younger and younger”.

Kylie added that she sees a dermatologist and also regularly reapply sunscreen on the beach to help protect her skin.

But Kylie also revealed that she also has to consider her blood sugar.

My body loves low glycemic index foods.

Answering the question, she first joked, “I sleep upside down like a bat!

“No, I’m just used to taking care of myself. Not to the point of being that good but I’m pretty good. I believe in moderation; I don’t eat fried chicken and gummy bears all day!

She then added, “My body loves low glycemic foods.”

Kylie Minogue speaks into the microphone
Did avoiding sugar help Kylie stay so young? (Credit: YouTube)

“Sugar is not my friend”

Prior to this, Kylie also opened up about her health in an interview with Australian radio in 2014.

Speaking at the Kyle & Jackie O Show in Sydney, Kylie said she may have been on a special diet at the time.

And it looks like the singer had to make some sacrifices to control the condition.

She reportedly said, “Paleo is the kind of food I love. Sugar is not my friend.

“I’m hyperglycemic…and now you can get all these amazing desserts that are made with avocado, baked almonds, zucchini. I love it.”

Kylie Minogue performs in Hyde Park
Kylie Minogue performs in Hyde Park – the gig airs on BBC Two this weekend (Credit: YouTube)

The paleo diet includes lots of fruits and vegetables, but avoids sugar and dairy.

But at least puddings aren’t banned!

What is hypoglycemia?

Hypoglycemia is a condition in which your blood sugar (glucose) level is lower than the standard range.

Worrisome symptoms to watch out for include shaking, sweating, dizziness, and a rapid heartbeat.

It’s usually more common in people with diabetes, but there’s no indication that Kylie has diabetes.

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Kylie at the BBC airs on BBC Two on Saturday September 24 at 9.10pm.

Reel Stories is on the same channel right after at 10:10 p.m.

And Radio 2 Live Hyde Park Headliners: Kylie Minogue follows at 10.35pm.

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