Loryma presents vegan premixes as an alternative to meat


Ingredient specialist Loryma has developed a new concept of premix app for consumers who want to prepare their own vegan meat substitutes at home.

As a specialist in functional ingredients from wheat, Loryma premixes form an authentic texture in the final product after adding water. They provide plenty of opportunities for manufacturers to respond to the vegan meat substitute trend with quick and safe convenience products.

The “clean label” and the optimized nutritional values ​​particularly appeal to a health-conscious target group and open up many creative culinary possibilities.

“Our DIY solution is aimed at a target group keen on creative cooking and wanting to know everything about the ingredients involved,” said Henrik Hetzer, Managing Director of Loryma.

“With our product, we help manufacturers meet the high demands of conscious consumers who want a clean label, optimized nutritional values, as well as creative freedom in preparation and, of course, a convincing mouthfeel.”

Premixes are the perfect starting point for creating many vegan applications, from plant-based burger patties and cevapcici, to breaded cutlets and nuggets.

The preparation is simple: just mix the premix in a bowl with water. The resulting mass can then be kneaded and shaped into the desired shape. Fresh ingredients such as diced vegetables or herbs can also be added, if desired.

Vegan solutions have a short ingredient list with no E number and comparable protein content to meat variants, but contain less fat and saturated fatty acids and more dietary fiber.

Dry products have a longer shelf life than refrigerated counter ready-made meat analogues and take up less space in transit. As a result, they reduce food waste and cause less transport emissions in comparison.

The different wheat-based ingredients of the Loryma range work together to ensure easy handling, optimal texture, look and bond. The textured wheat proteins of the Lory Tex range and the functional Lory Bind wheat-based binding system are odorless and tasteless. For manufacturers, this is the ideal premise for individual seasoning.

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