McDonald’s Australia has launched the McPlant burger in select stores as part of a new trial. Made by Beyond Meat, the plant-based burger is currently available at 270 restaurants in Victoria, although the burger is not yet suitable for vegans.

Although the McPlant patty is made with Beyond Meat’s plant-based protein, the burger also contains ingredients not suitable for vegans, such as dairy cheese and mayonnaise-style sauce, as the patty is cooked on the same grill as the products. made with meat and eggs. Either way, the McPlant – aimed at the growing flexitarian market rather than vegan customers – is being tested to gauge consumer demand in Australia and assess current kitchen systems.

PETA McPlant Competition

It’s possible that any permanent McPlant additions in the future will follow the UK version which includes a vegan cheese made by Irish food company Kerry. The McPlant was also launched in the United States, with animal rights group PETA running a “10,000 McPlants in 10 Days” campaign to boost sales.

“Through this trial, McDonald’s Australia will learn more about customer demand for the McPlant and the impact of this new menu item on the restaurant’s kitchen operations, which will inform future menu decisions locally” , McDonald’s Australia explained in a statement.