Meet the two black women behind Culina Health virtual nutritional coaching platform


We all want to live healthier lives. But implementing the necessary lifestyle changes is where the challenge lies.

Introducing Culina Health, the virtual nutritional coaching platform that offers personalized dietitian services that meet the unique needs of its users. Founded by black dieticians, Tamar Samuels and Vanessa Rissoto, the two accredited health professionals demystify diet fads with realistic approaches to nutrition that redefine what healthy eating really means to every person.

“At Culina Health, we know that being healthy is a multifaceted and often difficult journey,” Samuels and Rissoto told BLACK ENTERPRISE.

“That’s why our coaching program combines evidence-based nutrition and health coaching techniques to help you understand and overcome the physical, mental, environmental and behavioral challenges that keep you from achieving your goals instead. to focus only on diet. “

At a time when more and more people are moving towards remote living, Culina Health is helping users through its virtual coaching services.

“We help our clients achieve realistic and lasting results by working with our clients to create a personalized plan that suits each person’s unique lifestyle,” said the founders.

“We provide our clients with trusted nutrition education and resources, unwavering support and concrete tools for success. We’re here for you every step of the way with personalized nutrition and supplement recommendations, practical meal planning tips, and strategies to heal your relationship with food and build healthy habits.

Dangerous dietary trends can find those looking for nutritional information online. With all the unverified and unhealthy resources out there, Samuels and Rissotto shared their take on diets to avoid.

“Honestly, I recommend avoiding most eating trends because they rarely get lasting results and tend to promote messy eating, and can sometimes have a detrimental effect on metabolic health,” they said.

It turns out that juice isn’t the best option when it comes to diet and weight loss.

“Some of the worst are cleansing juices,” said the founders of Culina Health. “Despite popular opinion, juice cleanses can do more harm than good when it comes to managing your blood sugar.”

“Because juice removes fiber from fruits and vegetables, we lack the potency of products to be able to stabilize our blood sugar levels, which is important for regulating our appetite, supporting our gut health, and regulating our hormones. “

Some of the current diet fads include the keto diet, a potential weight loss strategy due to the craze for low-carb diets, as a Harvard School of Health review noted. It’s a current trend in diets that Samuels and Rissotto say may be effective, but not long term.

“Keto is effective in promoting weight loss while maintaining muscle mass and may improve insulin sensitivity,” they said. “The high amount of fat in the diet can help dieters feel fuller for longer, making keto easier in the short term. However, like any overly restrictive diet, keto is unlikely to be sustainable. long term due to the exclusion of so many foods.

“Sticking to a moderate calorie diet that includes a variety of healthy foods from all 3 macronutrient groups while getting plenty of exercise is just as effective and more sustainable in the long run.”

Keyword, “lots of exercise.” If you’re feeling overwhelmed or interested in implementing a healthier lifestyle, book a virtual nutrition coaching session with one of Culina Health’s experts.

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