Navratri 2021: Vegan fasting recipes to make you happy during these nine days


Navratri is a nine day festival celebrated in India to observe the victory of good over evil. ‘Nava ‘ means nine and ‘Ratri’ means night. According to the Hindu calendar, it is celebrated in the bright half of the month of Ashvin and according to the Gregorian calendar, it is celebrated in the months of September and October.

Navratri 2021 starts on October 7th and ends on October 15th. Many people often observe fasts for nine days throughout the festival. Devotees avoid using onion and garlic in their food during these days. Nowadays, many people have started to follow a plant-based diet, also known as a vegan diet, which means that they avoid using animal products, including dairy products. We at LastLY, have gathered some vegan dishes that you can try while you fast this Navratri. Navratri Ke Din Aaye Hain and other devotional songs for Navdurga This Sharad Navaratri.

Sabudana Khichdi

One of the favorite lunch and breakfast dishes for many during Navratri is sabudana khichdi. With boiled potatoes and roasted peanuts, this is a very delicious dish. When making it vegan, try using olive or refined oil instead of ghee.

Singhare Ke Aate Ki Poori

Just like you do kuttu poor ki, to try singhare ki poori this time. It’s a delicious replacement for aloo poori during the Navratri season and is completely vegan if made in refined olive oil.

Jeera aloo

It’s a quick and easy dish to prepare during the Navratri festival and it’s completely vegan. No ghee, butter, milk, curds or any other animal product is used in making this dish.

Sweet potato cat

Shakarkandi or sweet potatoes are one of the healthiest vegan foods for Navratri fasting. They are very nutritious and can serve as an amazing snack when made in cat form. Try this cat this Navratri and make your fast a treat.

Vegan cilantro chutney

During Navratri there are so many foods that taste amazing when paired with cilantro or hari /Green chutney. Many vegans can’t take advantage of this because most chutneys are made with curd. But we have this amazing recipe for the same and it’s completely vegan.

During Navratri, many people also observe a fast where they eat only fruits. Celebrate nine days of fasting this Navratri with our amazing vegan recipes and feast completely during the festival. Happy Navratri 2021 to all!

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