New book links Igbos to Israeli Jews


A new book has stated that the Igbos of southeastern Nigeria and some Nigerian tribes share a common ancestry tracing the lost tribes of Israel.

These findings are contained in a 738 page book titled; “The Hebrew Evidence of Nigerian Jews: A Scriptural Overview” which is scheduled for public presentation.
Written by renowned televangelist Innocent Agu, the book describes the Igbo language as one of the prehistoric languages ​​because it is identical to Paleo-Hebrew, the original Hebrew language of the Bible.

Speaking to reporters in Abuja yesterday ahead of the launch, Agu said this unravels the age-old mystery surrounding the Igbo people and some other Nigerian tribes.

He said the research results indicate that several indigenous Nigerian ethnic groups share a common ancestry tracing the lost tribes of Israel and Edom / Iduma – the land of Esau called Edo and Idoma in Nigeria.

He said; “The twelve lost tribes of Israel have been discovered in Nigeria. The tribes include those in northern Israel which were captured by the king of Assyria in 722 BC.

“The book unveils the centuries-old mystery that surrounds the Igbo people and certain other Nigerian tribes.
“The research also revealed that the Paleo-Hebrew in which the Old Testament Bible was originally written is the same as the Igbo language, both in words and dictionary meanings.”

He said that more than 1,000 different Hebrew words, phrases and sentences are recorded in the book to attest to this fact.
He claimed that the name Igbo is derived from Eber the great-grandson of Shem and whose whole race is called Ebeo, Ebo, Ibo or Igbo.
According to the chairman of the book launch committee, Dr Sam Agbogun, the book is endorsed by several scholars and traditional leaders.

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