Pringles are no longer vegan: here’s what to buy instead

One of America’s most iconic chip brands, Pringles, has just announced that it will be canceling its vegan products and starting adding milk to several of its ingredient lists. The company produces a wide selection of potato chip flavors ranging from Texas BBQ to Sweet Chili, providing consumers with tasty vegan snack options across the country. Crisps have become a staple for plant-based consumers around the world, developing a classic snack without ingredients of animal origin. However, consumers recently noticed that some iconic flavors are no longer vegan.

Fans of vegan pringles have noticed that previously vegan flavors including sweet chili, smoked bacon, original, paprika, Texas barbecue sauce and many more now contain dairy products. Vegan Food UK has spoken out against the American snack giant, calling it a “massive setback”. Pringles announced that milk-based ingredients have been added to Pringles products to save money.

“By adding milk we can increase capacity, reduce costs and reduce the amount of food waste,” a spokesperson for Pringles told a customer, reported in Vegan Food UK.

Vegan Food UK broke the news in an attempt to encourage the snack giant to reconsider its decision to introduce dairy-based ingredients into its old plant-based recipes. The social media organization released a statement on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram, calling on Pringles to make the move.

Pringles’s decision is in direct contrast to changing market demand. In recent years, the demand for herbal options in all food categories has increased dramatically. A report from Future Market Insights predicted that manufacturers of healthy snack chips would experience substantial growth over the next decade with an all-time high CAGR of 7%. The report details how consumer demand for vegan, nutritional and plant-rich alternatives is pushing the snack market towards plant-based production.

“Market players will benefit significantly from the introduction of new flavors and new nutritional profiles. Dominant consumer trends are pushing manufacturers to adopt advanced technologies and increase options for organic and non-GMO food products, ”the IMF report says.

While Pringles is working against consumer demand, several of the company’s competitors are still producing herbal chips that can be found across the country. For consumers unhappy with the dairy inclusion of Pringles, Beet picked our three best vegan chips readily available at retailers nationwide to replace the craving for Pringles while the company reconsiders their new recipe.

1. Spicy Doritos with Sweet Chili

The purple Doritos bag is one of the most iconic flavors of the hugely popular chip brand. The company’s sweet, savory and spicy crisps can be eaten on their own on a long drive or can be made into vibrant vegan nachos. The popular chip flavor is all vegan with all the flavor it can get when compared to its non-vegan counterparts.

2. Original Fritos corn chips

The Fritos Original recipe is one of the staples of gas station snacks: Classic Corn Crumble is a simple, all-plant-based snack option. The chip is also very versatile. Try the Fritos Original corn chips with vegan chili or a taco salad.

3. Kettle brand maple bacon

Kettle Brand offers a classic combination without any animal products. The company’s Maple Bacon flavor provides a smoky, sweet crisps that is the perfect option for fans of previously vegan Pringles flavors such as Texas BBQ and Smokey Bacon. Try Kettle Brand Crisps the next time you’re craving a smoky, sweet, and salty snack.

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