Ramadan 2022 in UAE: Despite hours of fasting, Emirati nurse says patients always come first – News

Khadija feels that not eating has never hurt her job

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Published: Mon 11 April 2022, 20:03

Daytime fasting does not prevent Khadija Hasan Mesbah Alamasi, a national of the United Arab Emirates, from diligently carrying out her duties as a quality nurse.

The first Emirati nurse to join the VPS group, Khadija, first drops off her daughters at nursery and then arrives at work at 7.30am every day.

Whether it’s Ramadan or any other month of the year, Khadija feels that going without food has never hurt her job.

As a nurse manager; she says she is always prepared to deal with any medical situation that comes her way.

“There should be passion for your work. I think it’s a time for spiritual reflection and self-improvement. We should try to be kinder and more humble than usual. Ramadan also teaches us to practice self-discipline, self-control, sacrifice and empathy,” she says.

Khadija has received numerous accolades for her continued dedication and exemplary work. It won the SKMC Pathway to Excellence award as the 1st organization in the Middle East.

Winner of Best Emirati Nurse Award among Seha, She also won Safety Catch Award among SKMC, Received Best Employee of the Month Award in ICU Department, Received Seha Bronze Award among all Seha Institutions” Project Implementation”, won the Seha Award for Most Innovative Person and was recognized by the UAE Nursing and Midwifery Council for the first nurse in the Middle East to obtain the Disease Prevention Certificate and community well-being.

Striving to lead by example, Khadija further explains why she chooses to clock in so early when she has the option to start at 9am.

“I want to be a role model for the rest of the teams. So I come home at 7:30. Organizing your time well is extremely important. Support your team with love and it will all come back to you one day. I complete my administrative tasks in the morning, look for gaps and provide support. Then I do my routine meetings with my colleagues.”

“I also meet with the doctors and hospital administration team to resolve their requests and requirements. I visit patients to understand their concerns and find out if their expectations are being met or not, then I check my emails to respond to urgent needs and escalate what is necessary Then there are the preparations for the next work of the Joint Commission International (JCI) to improve patient safety and the quality of health care and organize the training of teams, among others responsibilities,” she added.

Khadija brings a wealth of experience to the hospital’s pediatric clinics and emergency departments as well as other service areas, and also regularly coordinates with the team of nurses who are on the front line to perform vaccination and PCR tests.

Although she has won various leadership awards during her projects and training courses and chaired several committees at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City and Seha, Khadija believes that nothing can replace sincerity.

“The leadership of our country inspires us to always do our best to make the nation the best. I follow this wisdom and try to do my job as responsibly as possible. I finish at 4 p.m., but I often choose to hang back and break my fast with my team and monitor patients. »

Khadija, who also contracted Covid-19 while on the front line, expected this to happen sooner or later.

“I couldn’t have avoided it and I knew I was vulnerable enough to contract the virus, which I did at some point, but by the grace of God and with the support of my VPS family, I recovered quickly.”

She also says the country has fought the pandemic effectively, protecting all of its citizens and residents.

“The crisis has definitely receded, but the disease persists. The government’s proactive approach and the sacrifice of the entire medical fraternity have been instrumental in handling the situation well. I urge everyone not to let their guard down during this holy month. We must continue with a unified and systematic response to the management of the pandemic. I wish everyone good health and happiness this Ramadan!


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