Raven-Symoné passed out upon revealing £ 28.


Raven-Symone shared an Instagram video taken in a car with his wife, Miranda Pearman Madey, revealing that she was “pounding” during her “speed trip.”

Raven Simone, 35, happily shared her weight loss journey with her Instagram followers and shared a brand new video on May 29 about the process. actress My wife was in the passenger seat of the car Miranda Pearman does I was driving in a live Instagram post and revealed that I had already lost £ 28. “As you know I’m £ 28. I lost weight, ”said Black Parker and Sunglasses. She said in the video.

“Pounding, pounding. Check your chin, ”she added. “Can you see that chin?” Raven’s house Literally now when I came to this live and saw this joint, I saw a whole different face. It’s a trip that puts a lot of pressure on me. “

Raven went on to say that she was also fasting now. “Now I fast for 48 hours,” she explained.

Raven Simone at a previous red carpet event. (Splash News)

Raven’s weight loss journey begins after opening her body to shame in the 2000s. “There was definitely a tipping point in my heart,” she says. Man July 2020. “After all, it was like, ‘Come on, everyone’s height is different.’”

She also explained that she didn’t always do this before, so she tries to focus more on her mental health, which is influenced by body shaping. I put myself aside to get used to it. I don’t always care about my sanity. “” I am still growing on my own and I still understand it. “

But one of the things she envisioned was a love life with Miranda. Raven, who secretly tied the knot at a backyard wedding in June 2020 and is preparing to release her debut album for the first time in 12 years, Beautiful and happy photos Two people at the reception. “I married a woman who understands me from start to joy, from breakfast to midnight snack, from the stage to the house. I love Pearman Madey! Let’s make a new hole in this world !!! She added a caption to the photo.

Raven-Symoné passed out upon revealing £ 28.

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