Rine Bars’ exciting line of protein and granola bars make India healthier, one bite at a time


Health problems among people of all ages, especially during the coronavirus outbreak, are at an all time high. With the majority of us staying inside our homes and making efforts to improve our lifestyles, immunity-boosting snack options have become a priority. The inimitable Rine Bars meet this precise need, a range of nutritious granolas and protein bars that promote guilt-free daily consumption for all.

The Mumbai Live team reached out to Rohit Bharadwaj – founder of Rine Bars who explains what makes this protein bar special.

How is a Rine bar different from other protein bars available on the market?

The key USP of Rine Bars is that it is loaded with decadent nuts, seeds, dried fruits, super grains, cocoa, honey and spices and does not add any additives, colors or preservatives, only genuine 100% natural ingredients. There are two main categories supplied with virtual nutrients and minerals: 4 high protein bars for the 20-40 age group and 3 variations of granola bars suitable for consumption by everyone, including children.

What is the maximum amount of calories that an ideal protein bar should contain?

While there are a large number of protein bar options available in the market today, most of them contain varying amounts of protein, carbohydrates, fats, and therefore varying amounts of calories. An ideal protein bar usually contains between 20 and 30g of protein. Athletes, sportspeople and people with active lifestyles can consume bars with amounts of protein towards the higher end of this spectrum.

Rine’s protein bar flavors include Mighty Chocolate, which is their absolute bestseller. It includes 14g of protein, rich in whey and pea protein concentrates and soy based crisps packed in the benefits of a full amino acid profile and delicious dark chocolate and hazelnuts! But that doesn’t mean the other Chocolate Orange Kick, Chocolate Strawberry Surprise, and Chocolate Nutty Almond options are less so! Each contains 23g of protein, which is over a third of the daily requirement of an average Indian, plus a good blend of lean mass-boosting whey and pea isolate protein!

What is the overall nutritional value of a Rine bar?

Each Rine bar in both protein and granola ranges is carefully crafted to include healthy, natural ingredients that provide a balance of nutrients for your specific needs and are delicious enough to satisfy your sweet tooth. While our high protein and high protein bars contain over 14g of protein, Rine’s granola bars are made with a variety of nutritious ingredients.

When it comes to granola bars, crowd favorites include the Blueberry Bolt, Strawberry Nut, and Peanut Butter Crunch. The Blueberry Bolt contains 222 mg of omega3 from a 100% vegetarian source unlike any other brand and includes superfoods that help restore nutrition such as blueberries, flaxseeds, chia, walnuts, coconut seeds. watermelon and almonds. Pistachio, cashews, green pumpkin seeds, black grapes and more nutrients make up almost 30% of the Nutty Strawberry bar, enough to give you an energy boost. And like the Peanut Butter Crunch, the name is enough. 22% healthy nuts and seeds, 20% crispy oats and bajra, 9g of protein and the delicious taste of peanut butter. What more could you ask for?

How often is it okay to consume a protein bar?

It is recommended that you eat a Rine Protein Bar before or after your workout. Due to the high protein and energizing ingredients, one to two protein bars per day are good for your high energy needs.

Are there plans for other healthy snacks in the works?

Rine products have succeeded in creating a healthy range of snack options so far. As we grow, we aim to implement a whole range of snack, breakfast and mid-meal options.

We recently launched our line of sports supplements under the UpNatural brand. These are high quality functional proteins for daily use that contain enzymes for better protein absorption and are loaded with probiotics for better gut health. These powders have been launched in vegan whey protein concentrates and isolates and multiple flavors.

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