Rj Palak Khurana talks about his weight loss journey and pro tips to maintain weight


Born and raised in a typical northern Punjabi family, it was always a challenge for her to be in the midst of all kinds of parathas laden with ghee and fried bhature and choosing salads. People would tell him to do diet exercises, but somehow it never worked. With each unsuccessful attempt, her confidence shattered further. From cool therapy to painful weight loss clinics, she’s tried everything, she lost money, time, but not weight.

Palak explains that being overweight takes your whole life, it’s not just a secret you can put away in a closet, it’s there every day for people to judge, for people to form their opinions on you. Luckily for palak as she was on the verge of giving up, she met “the Jaydeep Bhuta,” the celebrity keto diet specialist in Mumbai. The fact that he himself had lost over 60kg in the past gave many of his clients a relevant factor, he was a human with temptations and flaws.

The mammoth 25kg weight loss mission now seemed achievable. Palak explains how keto has become such a household name now, but back then people couldn’t imagine life beyond sabzi roti. Since palak is a vegetarian, paneer and gobi were the only best friends she had. With a lot of research, counting macros, smuggling healthy snacks in theaters, transporting home-cooked meals to friends or even dining out, she managed to lose around 25kg in 5 months.

Now you might think of a happy ending to a wrestling story, but wait… the weight is like clingy parents, the minute you let your guard down it spills over into your life. Palak believes that when you are in weight loss mode your body, mind and soul are all linked to accomplish a single mission, but the minute you reach your goal and sit back and relax you tend to fall back into your old ways and that’s what happened. Palak Remembers With new weight loss, new dresses, new parties and restaurant meals, and within 2 months she finally gained back 4-5 kg.

This time, she was not going to return to her original weight. She decided to take matters into her own hands immediately. Rj Palak Khurana had always dreaded training, she would pay the gym fees and never land in the gym, had multiple bahanas like her 70 percent diet 30 percent exercise etc but the lockdown went down product, now there was no more excuse for the weather / weekend party / work nothing While the whole world was baking banana bread, she was learning push-ups, squats, plank etc. YouTube / fitness challenges Insta Lives came to the rescue and within 2 months she lost that 5kg, but this time not on keto, but with hard work and without eating junk.

Her life was never the same again, as if she had found the holy grail and finally found a way to keep her weight in check while still enjoying her life. She replaced wheat with healthy grains like amaranth jowar bajra, began a 14-hour intermittent fast, removed all waste, and added tabata 4 times a week. Palak explains that losing weight can’t be a 6 month thing, it has to be a way of life, you have to choose good health at least 90 percent of the time, you can have cheat meals and not days off. cheat, you can have that piece of cake but not all of the cake. Believe me it pays off when you order “s” not “xl” dresses.

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