Simple vegan pancake recipe to try this pancake day!

Tomorrow is pancake day and of course you want to find a cruelty-free version of the traditional pancake recipe your family always made when you were a kid.

Do not be afraid ! It’s really easy to make the fluffiest and lightest pancakes without adding eggs.

There are so many variations of vegan pancake recipes, but for us, we like simplicity.

All you need is:

  • 300 g self-rising flour (or plain flour + a little baking powder)
  • About 400ml vegetable milk (we love oats)
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar
  • Vanilla extract (optional)
  • vegan butter
  • Combine flour, sugar and vanilla extract (if using) in a bowl, ideally using a whisk or fork.
  • Gradually add the milk while continuing to mix.
  • The amount of milk you use will depend on how thick you like your pancakes. The thicker the batter, the fluffier it becomes in the pan.
  • Heat your pan, adding a little butter if your pans are not non-stick.
  • Add a few tablespoons of batter to the pan to make small round pancakes. Naturally, if you want bigger pancakes, just add more batter.
  • Flip the pancake after 2-3 minutes. It should be nicely browned and nicely browned on the cooked side.
  • Keep warm under a tea towel while cooking the remaining pancakes.

And now the creative part..

What do you like on your pancakes?

Favorites from the Vegan Review team range from simply mixed fruits and agave nectar; traditional sugar and lemon, or chopped nuts and caramel sauce (see recipe below).

Sweet Freedom Choc Shot is another delicious pancake topping that goes well with bananas.

Or sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on your stack of pancakes with baked applesauce for a super hot comfort food.

If you want to be more creative, try adding things like blueberries or chocolate chips to the pancake batter before baking. Delicious !

If you want to try an easy-to-make caramel sauce, you’ll only need three ingredients:

  • Medjool dates
  • oat milk
  • Sea salt

Blend the dates (be sure to remove the pits!), adding a dash of milk and a small pinch of salt. This really is a “tasting” recipe, so go easy at first and add the milk and salt as you go.

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