Sky Sports expert Graeme Souness reveals he’s VEGAN and hasn’t eaten meat for 3 years as fans call him “shock of 2021”


GRAEME SOUNESS has revealed he is a vegan and had not eaten meat for three years, with football fans calling him a “shock of 2021”.

The Sky Sports expert revealed he had been meatless for three years during the Premier League coverage on Sunday.


Souness revealed he had been meatless for three years on Sky SportsCredit: GETTY IMAGES

Souness, Roy Keane and Micah Richards spoke about how they helped the environment as Sky Sports promoted action to tackle the climate crisis.

But Souness made the most shocking confession of the afternoon, revealing he’s a vegan because he cares so much about animal welfare.

He said on Sky Sports: “The reason I did it, my concern was animal welfare which was the main reason.

“I think the way we treat animals is despicable, but it’s for another day, I’m building a new house, I have air source heat pumps, I have solar panels, so i’m aware of this one, and i’m trying to do my little bit.

“I still fly too often, I still drive a big, powerful car, so I’m far from perfect.”

Richards spoke about his experience driving an electric car while Keane spoke about how he enjoys driving around.


Richards said: “I had an electric car for a while, but Harrogate Council didn’t allow me to have a charger so I had to stop every time so I had to stop this for about six. month.

“But I get there, I try.

“Herbal is not for me, pruning me is going to be very difficult.

“It’s small steps, if I tried to change right away it wouldn’t quite happen to me, but I will try.”

Graeme added jokingly, “When you grow up see when you become an adult you will become a non-meat eater.”

And soccer fans took to Twitter to express their shock at the revelation.

Some are calling Souness’ confession a “shock of 2021” so far.

The reason I did it, my concern was animal welfare which was the main reason.

Graeme Souness

One of them said of the tough man, “Graeme Souness is vegan ?? It is the most shocking thing I have ever heard.

While another said: “Super Sunday: United + Pogba = Graeme Souness trend. Completely normal …… he’s plant based / vegan and for 3 years !?

“I didn’t expect to read this.”

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