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Hélène Modrezjewski, a 38-year-old entrepreneur, is about to succeed in her bet: to create an international certification standard for vegan products, EVE VEGAN®. The story began a little over 5 years ago, with the intention, for this long-time activist and president of the Vegan France association, to work for vegan products to be recognized, identified, verified and certified according to a standardized process.

Proposing a standard in this still unregulated area is a positive and transformative lever to ensure the reduction of animal consumption through the economic development of vegan products. From the outset, Hélène Modrezjewski’s ambition was to impose a European vision of certification, the acronym EVE meaning “Expertise Vegan Europe”.

Hélène Modrzejewski, founder of the certification body – © Expertise Vegan Europe

Today, the young company has certified nearly 6,000 products in some thirty countries, on four continents, in the food, cosmetics and fashion sectors, and is doubling its activity every year. Its certification system is the most advanced and comprehensive on the market. EVE VEGAN® is one of the few vegan certification bodies to systematically carry out physical audits in the factories where the products are manufactured in order to provide maximum guarantees to consumers. About 50% of the certified products are food products and 50% cosmetic products.

A proximity strategy

EVE VEGAN® wants to be close to its customers, all over the world. The founder has therefore set up marketing and auditing partnerships with companies specializing in auditing in Asia and in almost all of Europe, with the United States in sight. The objective is to offer the certification service in the local language and with previously qualified local contacts.

The young entrepreneur will not stop there, because in her eyes, promoting the values ​​carried by the EVE VEGAN® certification mark throughout the world is a way of serving the cause that is dear to her.

EVE VEGAN® ceremony in Seoul, South Korea, November 2019 – © Expertise Vegan Europe

EVE’s customers are brands or manufacturers in the food, cosmetics and fashion sectors, and like all companies, they seek efficiency and reliability from the service providers with whom they work. The organization succeeded in professionalizing the certification process, which until then had been carried out by associations. Indeed, the certification team is made up of experts, Masters in chemistry, engineers and other graduates of higher education, each with a cosmetic or food specialty.

A strengthened certification service

In 2022, the company is also investing in an efficient and innovative information system, supported by BPI, the French bank for innovation. EVE customers agree that the certification system is sophisticated, robust and demanding. They also appreciate the fact that EVE VEGAN® only certifies vegan products, unlike some labels which can mislead the consumer. With the EVE VEGAN® certification, the specificity of the product is clearly established.

The EVE VEGAN® certification mark is present on the main social networks such as Instagram – © Expertise Vegan Europe

Official sponsor of Plant Based World Expo 2022

EVE VEGAN® announces that it will be the official sponsor of the Universal Plant Exhibition in Europe salon 2022 as an essential certification mark. The founder and her team will be present at the show to inform you and support you in the process of obtaining certification.

This mature market is now opening up to more elaborate industrial products such as adhesives, EVE VEGAN® having recently been certified as one of the world leaders in this field. “Vegan development is progressing and that is good news. The entire sector, food and non-food, is now impacted by this essential issue of sustainable development,” says Hélène Modrzejewski, founder.

The EVE VEGAN® certification mark is an official sponsor of Plant Based World Europe on November 30 and December 1, 2022 – © Expertise Vegan Europe

In short, a dynamic company, on a dynamic market, working for the respect of the animal world, and more broadly for a more ethical development responding to the new aspirations of consumers.

So if you see the EVE VEGAN® logo on one of your consumer products, you can be sure that everything has been done to ensure that the values ​​of veganism are respected, with dynamism, seriousness and ambition.

Official website: https://www.certification-vegan.org/fr

Press contact: Hélène Modrzejewski, [email protected]

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