Sri Lankan Catholics Pray Rosary Against Covid-19


Sri Lankan Catholics observed fasts and prayers asking for God’s intercession to prevent, protect and heal all those affected by the Covid-19 virus in the country and around the world.

Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith, Archbishop of Colombo, called on priests, nuns and laity to pray and recite the Rosary on September 8, celebrated as Mother Mary’s birthday.

“Celebrate Mother Mary’s birthday as a day of fasting and prayer from home. Recite the Rosary… to save our country and the world from the deadly pandemic, ”he said.

Cardinal Ranjith called on the forces trying to control the world through the coronavirus. “The virus is recognized as a product made in modern laboratories for the power struggles of powerful nations,” he said.

“Mother Mary, eliminate the fear of illness and bless all people so that they can live happily in their own lands… Intercede for us so that the sick are healed and the healthy are not sick”, we read in a prayer specially composed for the occasion.

Mary Nilani, a Catholic mother from the west coast town of Negombo, said many families attend rosary recitals and watch and listen to Catholic TV and radio stations.

We mourn his passing, even though what he left us will continue to resonate in our hearts

Various groups, including priests, religious and lay leaders, have been tasked with continuing to recite the Rosary until midnight, even as the island nation observed a quarantine curfew that will last until September 13.

Catholics also mourned the recent death of country music legend Sunil Perera due to complications from Covid on September 6. “We mourn his passing, although what he left us will continue to resonate in our hearts,” Cardinal Ranjith said in a statement.

Heenmenike, the wife of prominent Sri Lankan Aboriginal leader Uruwarige Vannila Aththo, died of Covid-19 on September 5. The pandemic has claimed the lives of priests, nuns, doctors and nurses, among others.

Health Minister Keheliya Rambukwella said that with the spread of the Delta variant, Sri Lanka has seen its highest number of patients and deaths this year.

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Rambukwella said saving people’s lives is the top priority. More than 85 percent of the population over the age of 20 received the first dose of the vaccine and 62 percent received both doses.

Sri Lanka has been designated a red zone based on the current prevalence of Covid-19. The number of deaths across the country had risen to 10,524 while the number of new infections stood at 2,964 on September 7. Most of the people who died were 60 and over.

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