State Police troopers support neighborhood policing efforts in Chester

CHESTER — Pennsylvania State Police troopers are helping the city bolster officer numbers in support of a “Safe Streets” initiative that Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer said brings the cops to the streets to better connect with the community.

“We know from our own experience, as well as decades of research in cities across the country, that community policing makes a difference,” Stollsteimer said in a statement. “Putting officers out on the streets, out of their patrol cars, builds trust and is key to both preventing and solving crime. This office has been supporting the Chester Police Department by funding these details of ‘Operation Safe Streets’ for over a year. We are extremely grateful that the Pennsylvania State Police, at the request of (Chester City catcher Michael) Doweary, has agreed to partner with us by joining Operation Safe Streets and deploying soldiers to help to our community policing efforts in the city of Chester.

A spokesperson for PSP Troop K in Media did not respond to a request for comment on the partnership, which begins this week. Soldiers are expected to continue assisting until June, when the collaboration will be reassessed and assessed for future needs, the statement said.

Assistant District Attorney Matt Krouse spearheaded a “Partners of Chester for Safe Neighborhoods” initiative with the Chester Police Department and the Mayor’s Office that has so far been successful in reducing gun violence in the city, according to the law enforcement.

“The Chester Partnership for Safe Neighborhoods is a truly collaborative effort bringing together public agencies, law enforcement and community groups in our city around the common goals of improving public safety and quality of life for residents. of Chester,” Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland said. “I thank our state police for partnering with us in this noble effort.”

Chester Police Commissioner Steven Gretsky has previously said his department needs more officers to build a full complement and that the goals of the partnership with this increased staffing will be more easily within reach.

“Improving public safety is not only essential to the mental and physical health of residents, it is also essential to the economic viability of the city,” Doweary said in the release. “There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the City’s financial situation, but supporting partnerships like this is an example of the creative approaches we try to nurture and support. I would like to personally thank the PSP for their willingness to help us fill the staffing gap at Chester Police Department. With their help, we hope to ensure that CPSN continues to grow and prosper in the city of Chester.

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