Synergy unveils flavor solution for whey protein drinks and “ready to use” formulations


05 Oct 2021 — Synergy Flavors has launched 4PROTEIN, a flavor solution designed to optimize the taste performance of whey protein products. Developed to make the product easier to formulate, it can be declared on the packaging as a natural flavor and offers a range of texture and flavor benefits, according to the company.

Talk to NutritionInsight, Chris Whiting, Category Manager for Synergy, explains how the launch attempts to go beyond typical flavors that offer more out-of-the-box features and tastes.

“There is a way to add a little bit of functionality through these flavors which can be very useful for certain scenarios, like if you want to avoid certain things on the packaging.”

Flavoring dairy protein can be a challenge, says Synergy.Overcome obstacles to taste
Flavoring dairy proteins can be a challenge. Although the quality and taste profile has improved in recent years, many variables such as protein type, processing, and batch-to-batch variance can still impact taste.

According to data from Innova Market Insights, 41% of sports nutrition shoppers still consider flavor a key factor when choosing food and drink, although it ranks third behind health and cost.

Synergy “has focused a lot on the dairy protein side,” notes Whiting, adding that the demand for whey protein continues to grow, even amid the trend for plant-based and vegan protein.

“Sports nutrition is an area where herbal demand has not had a significant impact,” notes Whiting. “Dairy products are still a key part of many people’s diets. “

Providing a full-bodied taste and texture
Manufacturers can create a natural, creamy taste and sweetness in their products, mask bad grades, and improve mouthfeel in Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) and Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC), as well as to deliver a richer, creamier taste and texture across different whey. sources of protein.

“Synergy’s 4PROTEIN line improves the overall taste experience of whey protein products, making them more forgiving and premium,” notes Whiting.

“While flavor profiles and variations have improved dramatically in recent years, the widespread adoption of protein has created more discerning consumers and we are all too aware of the main complaints from major users of sports nutrition products. “

“Whether you are looking to replenish protein creaminess with lower fat levels, or to create whole new gourmet flavors, Synergy’s 4PROTEIN versatile flavor solutions will help improve the taste experience for sports nutrition enthusiasts. .

Consumers Across the Pond
Whiting notes that consumers in the UK and US prefer a moderately sweet or more slightly sweet taste.

“From an ingredient perspective, the bottom line for us is that people want something that will make their products taste better; they don’t necessarily want it to be just high levels of sweetness, which I think has been an approach that has been used in the past.

The positioning of Synergy’s products is that we can improve the basic taste of these products without relying on some of the other aspects. Synergy surveyed the main international users of sports nutrition products to define their expectations for “good taste”.

“Obviously you’re still going to use sweeteners, but maybe you don’t have to go that high, and you can keep it tasting a little more medium or mellow and sweet,” he maintains.

Taste is crucial
According to Synergy, consumers of protein powder almost everywhere agree that good taste is vital.

The creamy taste and consistency turned out to be the most appealing taste characteristics. At the same time, problematic notes like mouth dry, cardboard, bitterness and astringency continue to impact product appeal and remain a barrier in the nutrition category.

By capturing this information, Synergy’s product development process has focused on achieving optimal taste performance for consumers and a versatile, convenient and cost-effective solution for manufacturers.

The product’s performance has been validated by a sensory panel of in-house experts.

Repositioned gourmet flavors
According to Innova Market Insights, the flavors of the sweet treat categories in sports nutrition have already been seen in North America with variations of candies, cakes and desserts.

If consumers are very serious about their performance and gains, a whey protein shake can often be the closest thing to an indulgent treat, explains Whiting.

“There are a lot of people who want these products to deliver flavor, so that’s a big part of what we try to support our customers with,” he comments. In light of this, Synergy “positions flavors that go beyond the kernel, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavors.”

“When working with a natural dairy base, an indulgent dairy profile such as a touch of berries or a masala chai latte, works great,” adds Whiting.

Notably, the dessert-inspired flavors are also popular with consumers.

“We see a lot of taste innovations coming from the dessert area. For example, cookies and cream are pretty much a staple and also a fudge brownie flavor. These types of profiles are very suitable for consumers, it seems.

“We work with concepts that consumers want to be healthy but still have a treat from time to time. Sometimes it’s in the form of a protein shake, but there’s no denying that indulgence allowed is a key area for innovation, ”concludes Whiting.

There is almost universal agreement among protein powder consumers that good taste is vital.Innovation for healthier products
During this time, in March, Synergy Flavors released an ingredient believed to dramatically reduce fat and calories in baked goods, such as muffins, cookies, and cookies.

With more choices than ever in the baking industry and a focus on health and wellness, the pressure is mounting to reduce the calorie content of baked goods.

Healthier indulgence continues to be trending in the nutrition arena.

Arla Foods Ingredients recently launched Lacprodan SoftBar, a new concept to help manufacturers create protein bars that deliver healthier enjoyment without compromising functionality.

Similarly, the company unveiled a whey protein ingredient to help meet the growing demand for premium, high-protein yogurts in the South American market and beyond.

By Elizabeth Green

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