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Looks like a lot of us have put on a few pounds. I usually gain a few pounds in the winter, but this year has been different due to COVID-19.

Being at home most of the time and trying to walk past the fridge and the snack drawer was difficult. So now I need to lose a few pounds.

There are many types of diets. You can try vegetarian or vegan.

There are several companies that will ship food to you and tell you that if you eat that food you will lose weight. Maybe you just want to watch the number of calories you eat or eat smaller portions. There is a sure way to lose weight: don’t eat. It is called fasting. Maybe you think you can’t do it, but every person on Earth is fasting every day. This is because when you sleep you are fasting. When you wake up and eat, you break your fast. That’s why our first meal of the day is called breakfast.

There are many different ways to fast. The first is to simply skip breakfast, which will lengthen your fast. You can skip breakfast and lunch and eat only one meal per day. You may want to go two days without eating and then eat regularly for five days. Where is it written that we are supposed to eat three meals a day and snack in between?

You can go days without eating, but remember to hydrate. To drink a lot of water. Maybe you just might want to go two days without eating and then eat regularly for five days.

Besides weight loss, fasting has other benefits. If you don’t eat, you don’t have to prepare meals, wash dishes, or shop for groceries. There is another important thing to consider. While you are fasting, all the cells in your body have time to cleanse themselves. This is called autophagy; it will help you live longer.

Be sure to check with your doctor before trying fasting.

Bill Bartlett, Valley Lee

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