Tasted all the new Halloween candy for 2021 and this is the best


Halloween is just around the corner! For many people, that means stocking up on candy for treats or for a snack while watching a horror movie. While a lot of people stick with their tried and true favorites, it’s always fun to try something new. But with endless options, you might be wondering which candy is really worth tossing in your basket. Well you’re in luck because we’ve tried 11 of the latest Halloween candy varieties and ranked them from worst to best.

There were a few stars and others that left a lot to be desired. Read on to find our favorite, and to find out more, check out our definitive ranking of the best and worst Halloween candies on the planet.

This classic chocolate kiss riff is hands down the worst candy we’ve tried. The packaging says every kiss is filled with a strawberry cream, but that wasn’t our experience. The outside of the candy looked like a traditional chocolate kiss, but when we put them in our mouth the cream tasted more like the white creamy filling of a chocolate covered cherry. There was no noticeable strawberry taste, not even an artificial strawberry flavor like those strawberry candies with the gel inside that are probably in your grandparents right now. If you want chocolate kisses for Halloween, stick with the traditional version.

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candy corn nerds

Nerds are a classic candy that looks like it got upgraded for Halloween, but we can’t say it’s great. The Nerds Halloween Candy Corn is a gummy candy with a somewhat hard outer shell. These were slightly sour at first taste, but got sweeter over time. The chewy candy was a little chewy enough to swallow. After eating a few to see if there was a distinct change in flavor by color, it was decided that there was a slight difference in taste, but not large enough to allow this to shift to one position. higher depending on the variation in taste. alone. If you’re a candy corn fan, here are 8 fascinating facts you might not know!

kit kat pumpkin pie

We had high hopes for Kit Kat Halloween Pumpkin Pie Candy because we love everything about pumpkin pie and pumpkin spice. When we opened the package it smelled great, just like a Thanksgiving pumpkin pie. After snapping a piece of the Kit Kat bar (we know you also sing the jingle now) and putting it in our mouth, we realized it wasn’t Thanksgiving pumpkin pie. The warm spicy flavors of nutmeg and cloves were really strong with this candy and overwhelmed our palette. If you really want a Kit Kat for Halloween, get the other new version that ranks higher on our list.

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witches brew kat kit

We rated the Halloween Witches Brew Kit Kat slightly higher than the pumpkin pie flavor. A cream with a green, milky marshmallow flavor replaces the traditional chocolate that usually coats these bars. It’s not horrible, but the marshmallow flavor lingered in our mouth longer than we would have liked. Overall, these are a good option if you want some Halloween themed candy for a party, but we prefer the OG Kit Kat.

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gummy body parts warheads

Sour candy is a Halloween favorite, and for many, the pinnacle of sour candy is Warheads. The brand’s newest creation is Warheads Halloween Sour Shaped Gummy Parts. These tangy gummy candies look like teeth, bones, and a brain, which kids will love. The outside of the candy is super sour, but once you get inside the candy it gets really sweet. We liked the fun shapes and colors, but wished they had been bitter throughout. This candy is good if you’re looking for gummy candy, but not the best in the grocery store right now.

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fruit snacks

One item we were surprised to see along the Halloween candy aisles was Welch’s Halloween Mixed Fruit Snacks. These gummy treats are usually found in school meals, but they taste so good we wouldn’t mind tossing one in our candy bucket. The snacks are shaped like fun Halloween characters like witches and ghosts. The flavor of the fruit was evident and we loved that these were individually wrapped with just enough gummy candy to curb our sweet tooth.

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m & ms halloween

Cookies and cream are one of our favorite candy combinations. While these M&M didn’t quite live up to the classic combo without the cookie crunch, they were a decent option for eating candy at home. The candy has the classic M & M’s look with black, orange and white colored candies, which are then filled with milk and white chocolate.

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werthers original caramel apple

It’s not fall or Halloween without a caramel apple. Werther’s Halloween Apple Caramel Sweet Caramels gave us those sweet and tangy vibes without having to make or find caramel apples. Soft caramels have a great apple flavor without being overpowering. Caramel is a bit sticky and can stick to the teeth a bit. One thing we wish this really pushed over for a caramel apple experience is something crunchy like nuts. The flavor of these is good and we give this candy our approval to throw in your basket.

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franken reeses mug

The classic peanut butter mug has a fun Halloween look with Reese’s Halloween Peanut Butter Frankencup. These taste exactly the same as the traditional versions of the candy, which we love, but have a fun bright green background that makes the candy look a bit like Frankenstein. Candy, as always, is the perfect combination of peanut butter and chocolate, making it a sweet and lightly salty snack.

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snickers peanut brownie

Snickers Halloween Peanut Brownie Squares barely miss the top spot. The candy is super sweet and extra chocolatey, which we love for Halloween. The brownie is chewy and melt-in-the-mouth – like any good brownie should be – and the addition of peanuts adds a nice crunch that other candies often lack to add more texture interest. What kept this out of the top spot was the lack of caramel as seen on the front of the package. We think this was absorbed by the brownie, but we wish the caramel flavor came out more.

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white chocolate dove pumpkin pie

The best candy to throw in your basket this Halloween season is Dove Promises Halloween White Chocolate Pumpkin Pie Candy. The sweet, but not overly sweet treat has a nice pumpkin pie flavor without being too filled with hot spices so you can’t really taste the chocolate. The chocolate itself had a nice texture without being grainy. One thing that added some textural interest was the addition of flavored graham cracker chips, which were mixed directly into the chocolate. If we had a choice between that and a slice of real pumpkin pie, we would probably go for this chocolate.

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