The 7 best vegan candies to buy for Halloween



It’s October and as the days get shorter and the leaves start to turn, there are some things we look forward to this season, like wearing our favorite sweaters and having an excuse to eat as much candy as we want. Halloween! Each year brings a new healthy sense of mischief and potential for fun. Whether you eat plant-based, vegan, or just avoid dairy, you can still enjoy satisfying candy! Here’s our pick of the best vegan Halloween treats.

1. Trader Joe’s Dark chocolate buttercups with sunflower seeds

Deciding what to put in your candy bowl for those tricks or treats can be the trickiest of all tricks. You don’t want to include anything that kids might be allergic to, and while peanut butter mugs are a favorite, they’re not for everyone.

Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Sunflower Seed Ranunculus is the answer. They taste like cups of peanut butter but are completely peanut free and use salty and sweet sunflower seed butter, which perfectly mimics the taste of peanut butter. These treats are also gluten and soy free, the chocolate is also Fairtrade and, yes, they are completely vegan.

Nutritionally, you’re getting protein with four grams for two chunks, but you’ll also be consuming seven grams of saturated fat and 11 grams of sugar. However, since these are made with sunflower seeds containing three grams of fiber per two cups, it can help slow down that high sugar spike somewhat.

2. Enjoy Life’s Halloween mini dark chocolate

One bag of Halloween Chocolate Minis contains 18 individually wrapped square bars of vegan chocolate, making it the perfect choice for Halloween. Each bar contains just three ingredients: unsweetened chocolate, cane sugar and cocoa butter, which makes them incredibly simple and tasty. Chocolate comes from grinding cocoa beans, with nothing else added (don’t be fooled by the word ‘butter’ in cocoa butter, as it’s completely vegan). They also come in a cute Halloween bag with a bat on the front, so you can share them for your Halloween party or as gifts.

When you look at how healthy these treats are, they sure do have sugar (four grams per bar), but it’s cane sugar which is less refined and has some of its natural ingredients. Because there are only three ingredients in these treats, kids avoid overloading themselves with dyes and synthetic additives.

3. Red vines

The red vines are simply the red version of the original black licorice twists. While you can get red vines with a strawberry flavor, it is the original red licorice taste that is most popular. They’re fun to eat and shoot, and last. Red Vines products are all vegan and you can always buy them in the sturdy and nice jar. However, with 12 grams of sugar in three turns and high fructose corn syrup, these aren’t the healthiest treats out there, so make sure your kids only get one or two.

4. Smarties

Depending on where you live, “Smarties” will mean something different. In the UK Smarties are chocolate chips and not vegan, while in the US they are completely different. Here, the Smarties are round and sparkling candies. Ironically, the original owner of Smarties in the United States was an Englishman who moved to New Jersey in 1949 and started his candy business. These little sugar discs are also gluten-free, so you can put rolls of them in your bowl of candy knowing they’re safe for everyone.

Although they only contain 25 calories per roll, they are made from artificial colors that some children may be sensitive to.

5. Unreal Dark Chocolate Coconut Bars

It seems unreal that you can get a candy bar that is 51% less sugar than most of the competition and only uses three ingredients. This is why these goodies are called Unreal. Each bar contains organic coconut, cassava syrup, and dark chocolate, and that’s it. They contain less sugar than some other treats, containing only three grams per serving. You can also benefit from them knowing that they do not contain palm oil.

These bars are made only from natural colors and fair trade ingredients and are non-GMO. They may not be suitable for people with severe allergies due to the production methods.

6. Smart Sweets cola gummies

The Smart Sweets website has an array of choices, most of which are vegan, but the crowd pleaser is their bottled cola candy. Their slogan is ‘kick sugar keep candy’ which lets you know their goal is to keep sugar low, and these cola candies are 42% lower in calories than others on the market. They come in pocket bags so you can put them in your candy or treat bowl or hand them out at a party. Smart Sweets was created by Tara, who wanted a healthier alternative to the sweets she loved but struggled to find. Undeterred, she just started the business on her own.

7. No macabre whey cemeteries

It’s impossible to choose just one Halloween candy from No Whey ‘selection, but the Ghoulish Graveyard Cream Filled Chocolate Caskets are a fun addition to any Halloween bowl. Or choose the chocolate skull, pumpkin and spider shaped lollipops, which look and taste amazing. You can buy them individually, or in packs of three – or multiple packs of three! When No Whey tells you that there are no scary ingredients in their products, they mean it. Although Ghoulish Graveyard chocolates are dairy-free, one serving still contains almost a quarter of your daily saturated fat, so don’t eat too much.


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