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Granola bars and protein bars are essential for hiking, biking, and general snacking, but most are high in sugar. If you’re trying to stay on keto or cut down on your overall sugar intake, allow us to introduce you to the best low-sugar protein and snack bars we’ve tried.

Summer 2020 has seen some traditional leisure activities like music festivals and crowded pool parties take a break – or at least they should be – but getting out into nature is one of the safest ways. to release some endorphins and take some vitamin D. I wouldn’t consider myself a serial outdoorsman, but found myself planning a lot more campground tours and semi-vertical, twisty walks ( hiking I think it’s called) than in previous seasons. And on these outdoor excursions, you just have to eat.

low carb wedgeMore Great Keto Snacks We Tried This YearThere is a food category suited to those mountain man moments that includes jerky, trail mix, and the now ubiquitous snack bar. Personally, I find trail mix boring (sorry). The Jerky is great, but when you’re craving a quick, mobile dose of sweet and savory protein, Snack Bars get there the quickest. It’s just solid science.

The problem with snack bars (which are often referred to as “healthy food”), I have found, is that they are generally not healthy at all. In fact, they’re usually loaded with sugar, sometimes up to 20 grams. Those without a ton of sugar tastes dull, sad and / or looks like chemicals. But I recently came across Munk package, a range of snack bars launched in 2014 by a Connecticut couple looking for adventure. Munk Pack apparently cracked the aforementioned code with high protein sweet snack bars that are as good as any I’ve tasted, all of which have about a gram of sugar and two or three net carbs. (Oh hey there keto people.)

I’ve now munched on the entire line of Munk Pack granola bars (think Quaker Oats Chewy brand you loved as a kid) and nut and seed bars (think Kind bar). While I don’t Do not like one of them, both the Almond butter cocoa nibs and Maple with pecans are totally addicting. Best of all, for me anyway, is that they don’t put raisins or other dried fruits in the bars. I know some of you like dried fruit in your snacks and cereals, but hey, you’d be wrong. The brand also has a line of dense, dry protein cookies that I really didn’t like.

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But back to the sweetening of it all, this is where Munk Pack stands out in a crowded category. Sugar substitutes often taste a bit bad, light, or lab-produced, but Munk Pack’s allulose blend – a sweetener found in maple syrup, figs and raisins, depending on the packaging – has a remarkable taste of real sugar or honey. So if you’re heading up a big hill or into the woods, or just feeling like a quarantine nibbler, consider storing a few in your closet or backpack to avoid fainting and sudden hanger explosions. .

Munk Pack Granola Bars Variety Pack (6 bars), $ 14.99 at Amazon

Munk package

A varied pack of Munk Pack granola bars includes 2 peanut butter, 2 coconut cocoa nibs, 1 almond butter nugget and 1 maple pecan.Buy now

Munk Pack Nut and Seed Bars Variety Pack (6 bars), 14.99 at Amazon

Munk package

Taste every flavor, each with just two or three net carbs and a single gram of sugar. Variety pack includes 2 peanut butter dark chocolates, 2 pumpkin seeds, cinnamon almonds, 1 sea salt dark chocolate and 1 pecan almonds.Buy now

Header image courtesy of Munk Pack.

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