The best vegan snacks to try this summer for a dairy-free 2021


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  • Kevin fullerton
  • June 30, 2021

Discover a selection of vegan delicacies, whether you’re snacking on the go or enjoying an evening treat

The myth that vegan snacks taste terrible is a thing of the past. A multitude of delicious herbal bites have flooded the market to the delight of health-conscious and ethical customers everywhere, and many of them taste amazing.

But it’s a snacking revolution that isn’t just for vegans. These treats are perfect for anyone looking for something a little special, or for those of us looking to make our new meatless Monday ritual as enjoyable as possible.

Each of the snacks we have chosen below are completely plant-based and ethically produced. Most importantly, they will tickle your taste buds and leave you hungry for one more bite. The brands below are even ideal as gifts for friends, so now is a great time to surprise the vegan in your life.

The vegan kind

The best vegan snacks to try this summer for a meatless 2021

Vegan type ©

It’s one thing to enjoy just one vegan snack, but imagine being sent a bespoke selection to you every month. That’s the exceptional service offered by The Vegan Kind, a subscription box company focused on plant-based products.

Designed in part as a great way to help people go vegan, the good folks at The Vegan Kind take a look at the best the meatless market has to offer and pack it in their subscription boxes. When you subscribe, you’ll receive a box filled with everything from cosmetics to delicious treats each month. Chips, almonds, dark chocolate, everything is possible in their subscription box.

What will you receive from your first order? You will need to subscribe to find out.

Best for: a regular surprise through your door

Dare to use motivational shakes

The best vegan snacks to try this summer for a meatless 2021

Dare ©

The health-conscious beverage world is hardly known for its mouthwatering taste, which is why Dare’s line of motivational shakes are such a hit. Mix any of these powdered shakes with oat milk and you can enjoy a herbal drink packed with superfoods, vitamins and minerals.

If you’ve already given up on other nutritional shakes, Dare’s offer might change your mind.

Best for: a post-workout boost

Cocoa loco

The best vegan snacks to try this summer for a meatless 2021

Cocoa Loco ©

The people of Cocoa Loco clearly understand the ethical concerns that underlie many vegan lifestyles. With that in mind, their vegan chocolate is fully organic and sourced from Fairtrade cocoa crops in the Dominican Republic.

Here is a diverse range of artisanal chocolate that values ​​variety as much as taste, offering fine chocolates, praline truffles, drinkable flakes and a wide choice of flavors.

Best for: a night with a bottle of red


The best vegan snacks to try this summer for a meatless 2021

Graze ©

Graze is perhaps one of the most successful snack boxes on the market today, becoming a household name since its inception in 2008. Starting as a subscription box that could be delivered right to your doorstep, this hugely successful business has grown into the main street. stores. Their diverse vegan selection offers everything you need for a great snack, with nuts and bars high in protein and flavor.

If this is your first time ordering a Graze subscription box, be sure to keep your eye out for specials. Right now, you can get your first box for half the price.

Best for: nibble on the go

by Montezuma

The best vegan snacks to try this summer for a meatless 2021

Montezuma chocolates ©

Luxury chocolate costs a dime, but few deliver on their decadent promise as deliciously as Montezuma’s. Their vegan range is packed with a huge selection of dark chocolate flavors including mint, orange and cherry, as well as 100% pure dark chocolate. But our personal favorites from the Montezuma range are the organic and vegan dark chocolate truffles, which provide the perfect bite-sized accompaniment to your Americano afternoon.

Best for: a dose of chocolate at any time of the day

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