The disappointing downside to McDonald’s new vegan McPlant



Lovers of vegan fast food, rejoice! McDonald’s new McPlant burger is now available across Great Britain.

However, a team of eagle-eyed nutrition experts saw a big downside to the new plant-based burger.

The vegan burger, consisting of a pancake made from pea protein, vegan cheese and a sandwich sauce (as well as lettuce, onion, tomato, pickles, ketchup and mustard) contains 2.2 g of salt – the double the amount in a large portion of French fries.

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The burger could be considered a healthier option compared to something like a Big Mac – it has 429 calories compared to the meaty option which costs 550.

However, its 2.2g of salt is more than a third of an adult’s daily recommendation, which is 6g.

Nutrition experts at OriGym noticed the high salt content when looking at the “hidden baddies” in vegan alternatives.

Despite the high count, it’s not as high as other fast food vegan burgers on the market.

The KFC Vegan Burger contains almost half of an adult’s daily salt intake (2.9g) and almost 53g of carbohydrates.

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The Burger King Vegan Royale however has the highest salt content, around 3g. That’s four times the amount of salt in a serving of Burger King fries.

The Burger King herbal whopper is a bit better – it has 2.8g of salt. However, it also contains 12.2g of sugar.


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