The one thing the experts say you should never do with your coffee (it’s so bad for your waistline!)


Coffee is undoubtedly a morning staple for many people and is often used as a way to start the day and provide enough energy to compensate for potential lack of sleep, or simply to boost the energy you have available. Preparation methods may vary, but it’s no secret that black coffee is the healthiest iteration that can work to boost your metabolism and increase fat burning in the body to improve your chances of weight loss. healthy weight.

However, not all of the ways you might have your coffee will necessarily benefit your overall well-being, and in fact, there are some things you could do to your morning cup of coffee that can negate the impact completely. positive that it can have on your health. If you’re looking to optimize your coffee to help you reach your wellness goals, there is one thing you should stop doing that will help get you started on the right path.

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Everyone is unlikely to enjoy drinking their black coffee, but when you start adding heavy sweeteners and dairy to your drink, you run the risk of skyrocketing the calories in your morning coffee, which can cause your coffee to skyrocket. potentially makes it more difficult to maintain a deficit. “If you’re trying to lose weight, you want to avoid specialty coffees that have a lot of added sugar and fat, which equates to extra calories,” warns Zoë Schroeder, MS, RDN, CSCS. “And we’re not talking about nutritious calories, fueling the calories, we’re talking about empty calories.”

Calories are essential for providing energy to your body, but when they come from sources such as whole milk and sweeteners, they do not provide you with enough energy and will cause you to turn to other sources. to get more nutrients throughout the day.

If you often find yourself filling your coffee with milk and cream or adding dense amounts of sugar to make your drink taste like dessert, you may be setting yourself up for worsened cravings throughout the day. The more you eat of something, the more your body will crave, and starting your morning with a drink that is high in sugar is sure to cause an energy drop while overloading your body with excess calories.

Cutting back on the amount of sugar you add to your coffee is a good start to breaking your body’s addiction to sugary foods, and especially if you’re struggling to lose weight, it can be helpful to check your morning routine first. to make sure it serves. your needs.


Ordering your drinks outside can also make you more prone to making unhealthy choices, so adjusting your coffee order can be helpful in making healthier decisions to start your morning. “Instead of a specialty latte with whole milk or Frappuccino, try an Americano with a little half-and-half syrup and no sugar or a skim milk latte,” suggests Schroeder.

Trying dairy-free alternatives or adding low-fat, low-calorie milk are great ways to preserve the health benefits of your black coffee, and switch to sugar-free sweeteners to wean you off sugar. can be an excellent intermediary. However, try not to over depend on sugarless or calorie-free sweeteners as they have their own set of issues that can negatively impact your health.

Coffee can be a great addition to your diet and may even lend itself to healthy weight loss, but when made with high calorie and fat additives, you run the risk of gaining weight, causing cravings aggravated and subjecting yourself to a sugar crash early on. in the morning which are all detrimental to your health.

Choosing healthier alternatives or even training your taste buds to savor black coffee will ultimately have a positive impact on your health, supplying your body with energy while boosting your metabolism without overloading you with empty calories.

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