The super trendy keto diet is a recipe for poor health – that’s why


The low-carb ketogenic diet, or keto, may seem like the fastest way to lose that pandemic weight, but researchers call it a recipe for poor health.

A new review from Frontiers in Nutrition has stated that the keto diet isn’t just harmful for pregnant women and kidney disease patients – keto is bad for almost everyone.

“The typical keto diet is a disease-promoting disaster,” senior journalist Lee Crosby, a dietitian at Barnard Medical Center in Washington, DC, said in a press release. “Eating red meat, processed meat and saturated fat and restricting vegetables, fruits, legumes and whole grains high in carbohydrates is a recipe for poor health. “

Pregnant women in particular are known to give birth to babies with neural tube defects if the carbohydrate levels in their diet are not high enough. Patients with kidney failure have seen worsening symptoms and disease progression when following a keto diet.

The study also found that the diseases that the keto diet claims to help are actually made worse by it. Keto diets have been shown to increase ‘bad’ cholesterol and restrict you to food groups known to be more carcinogenic.

The only good thing about the keto diet was that it sometimes reduced the frequency of seizures in some epileptics who don’t respond to drugs, but researchers said more research needed to be done to find out if the benefits outweigh the risks. .

What is keto?

Ketosis is a carnivore’s dream: to lose weight by eating only cheese, seafood, meat, eggs, and other animal products. You can eat vegetables, but no carbs at all – no potatoes, grains, sugars, or processed foods. By eating all the fat and protein and not the carbs, you are sending your body into a state of ketosis, where your body begins to believe that it is starving. He then enters a sort of survival mode and enters a state of autophagy, the Greek meaning “to eat oneself”.

Autophagy breaks down proteins in both degraded and healthy cells. Keto fans see autophagy as your body flushing out garbage, removing dying cells and protein buildup to make room for new, healthy cells. Proponents of the keto diet say autophagy reduces inflammation, shrinks tumors, and fights cancer cells because cell turnover is so high during ketosis. It also causes extreme weight loss and muscle retention because the amount of protein and fat is so high.

But research shows that autophagy is not difficult and will destroy all cells in its path, including healthy cells. While the destruction of cells can trigger weight loss, it certainly won’t make you healthier.

Is it really that bad?

Just because something can help you lose weight doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Increased cell turnover means cells are dying faster than ever before, including cells that you might need to perform normal bodily processes.

Think about it logically: many diseases are caused by cell death and the mutations that come with it, such as Parkinson’s disease, cancers, and kidney disease. The more you change and mutate your cells, the more likely the cells will not rebuild soon enough, causing illness and death. The journal Frontiers in Nutrition points out that foods on the keto diet (namely meats) have been linked to heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease.


If you’re trying to lose weight, you’re better off eating a salad than a steak, especially if you have other health issues or are worried about getting new ones.

Don’t get carried away by the idea of ​​quick and easy weight loss, or a cure-all for all ailments, and don’t fall for it just because you see your favorite fitness guru bragging about it.

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