The uncomfortable truth behind ‘healthy’, low-sugar cereals

But what to eat instead? Cereals are the cooked dish par excellence. Even if time is not an issue, choosing the right way to start the day is confusing. Refined carbohydrates are excluded because, like free sugars, they are involved in blood sugar spikes and are low in healthy nutrients. But is it better to start the day with complex carbohydrates or proteins? Fruits or vegetables?

The received wisdom was that it was better to eat carbohydrates in the morning than in the evening, as this gave the body more time to process the carbohydrates (a vital source of energy) and the glucose they produce without causing spikes in blood sugar. blood sugar. But a study from the University of Surrey found that blood sugar spikes are more pronounced with a high-carb breakfast than with dinner.

According to dietician Priya Tew of Dietitian UK, the key is variety. “You want a combination: protein for satiety and a whole grain, which is good for heart health and fiber content. Add fruit because, if you’re going to have five a day, you want to put fruits and vegetables everywhere you can.

You don’t have to give up classic British toast and marmalade entirely. Stick to a low-sugar version, have berries and yogurt on the side, and choose whole-wheat toast, says Tew: “Whole grains feed gut bacteria, which are really helpful in keeping us healthy. general health.”

Everything in moderation – Tew believes the occasional treat is okay. But indulge in the free sugars, Tiger.

Breakfast in numbers

Of course, not all cereals are created equal – and the healthiest options aren’t always what you might think…


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