The Vegan Society and RangeMe team up to help retailers discover vegan products

The Vegan Society and RangeMe have announced a collaboration to help vegan brands introduce their products to global retail shoppers.

The partnership of the two organizations will facilitate the vegan brand holders to enter new market territories, including the United States, and introduce their products to new stores and customers. RangeMe, in turn, will benefit from new exposure to a host of diverse vegan brands and businesses.

RangeMe is a discovery platform that allows retail buyers to quickly research new products, while providing a range of tools and services to help businesses grow their brands.

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Established in 1990, the Vegan Society’s Vegan Trademark is the oldest and largest vegan verification program in the world. The Trademark label is currently found on 58,000 products worldwide, including food, beverages, cosmetics, clothing and household items. Managed by a team of experts, the brand assures brands and companies that a product or ingredient is completely free of animal products and testing.

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“One of the goals of the Vegan Society is to help make veganism mainstream, so we’re really excited about this collaboration between RangeMe and Vegan Trademark to help brands that go through our certification program grow and achieve more. new audiences,” Steve said. Hamon, commercial services manager at The Vegan Trademark.

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Nicky Jackson, Founder and CEO of RangeMe, added, “As brands continue to accelerate and find their footing in retail, we are thrilled to partner with Vegan Trademark from the Vegan Society, an organization that shares a similar mission, to help retailers delight their customers. spotlighting amazing products and making them more easily accessible.

Current trademark holders are invited to register for RangeMe for free at this personalized link. Businesses interested in registering a trademark can find out more at contact The vegan society.

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