Troy Aikman Says ‘Pegan Diet’ & 4 Days of Lifting a Week Keeps Him Ripped


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In April, NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman shared a shirtless photo on his social media that showed the FOX Sports analyst still surprisingly ripped, sporting six-pack and 54-pack abs. years.

The reveal has left many fans wondering what kind of routine the Cowboys legend is sticking to in order to maintain the lean physique of someone half his age. Yesterday, in a lengthy Instagram post, Aikman provided a bit more information about the workout and diet that helps him stay in shape.

“Many have asked to share my training program, but for me, training regularly is only part of the overall plan,” he wrote. “I feel the ‘healthiest’ I have ever felt. Yes, physically I feel great, but my health also includes my emotional and mental well-being which I take just as seriously as the physical.”

In a typical week, Aikman says, he’ll combine about 4 days of strength training with 5 or 6 days of cardio. He also stays active on his “off” days, aiming for about 3 to 6 miles of walking. (Aikman has previously revealed that he enjoys the Dallas Katy Trail running path to cover those miles.)

He also works hard to keep his nutrition up to date, consuming between one and two gallons of water per day and following a strict “Pegan” diet, a diet developed by Dr. Mark Hyman – which Aikman tagged in the. post – which combines aspects of paleo and vegan diets.

Many nutritionists urge caution when it comes to such restrictive diets. That said, if you’re tempted to try the Pegan Diet yourself, you should try making vegetables half your plate, previously said Wesley McWhorter, RD and chef at the UT School of Public Health. Men’s health, and fill the rest of the meat and cereals. “Even if you don’t want to downsize your burger or steak,” he said, “include the veg.”

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