Welcome to Rockville Weather Forces GN’R Cancellation + More

The weather continues to play a major role in the 2022 edition of Welcome to Rockville. A night after Korn, Breaking Benjamin and Skillet were unable to perform due to bad weather in the area, the weather also impacted the festivities on Saturday May 21, forcing abbreviated sets from Jerry Cantrell and Shinedown. , while the Guns N’ Roses headliners weren’t able to play at all.

Once again rain and lightning in the area prompted festival organizers to advise fans attending the event to take shelter. The delay then forced a rescheduling of sets with Dirty Honey, Alexisonfire, Sick of It All and Saul all losing their performances on Saturday.

Jerry Cantrell was one of the artists who was able to spend time on stage, but he was only able to play an abbreviated set of seven songs which included “Brighten”, “Cut You In” and “Psychotic Break” as well as The Alice in Chains songs “Them Bones”, “Check My Brain”, “No Excuses”, and “Man in the Box”.

Shinedown’s game time was also pushed back and they too got a chance to play an abbreviated set, but a second storm hitting the area halted things after they only played “Devil”, “Planet Zero”, “Get Up” and “Enemies”. .”

Brent Smith told the crowd: “There’s nothing we can do about it. We’ve been told about a code red. We have nothing to do with it. It’s Mother Nature and at the end of the day it’s she patronizes it.”

Unfortunately, there was no return a second time for festival-goers. “Unfortunately another storm is heading our way so we will regretfully be canceling the rest of the show tonight. We are as sorry as you that the bad weather today disrupted our plans, but ultimately the safety of our fans, artists, staff and vendors are of the utmost importance. Please proceed calmly to your vehicle or campsite. Thank you and see you tomorrow,” said a message posted via the festival’s social media. As such, the Guns N’ Roses title became the latest weather casualty of the night.

This meant that for the second night in a row the festival headliner could not perform due to weather. Kevin Peebles of the Appetite for Distortion podcast tweeted: “It’s about to happen. The team set the stage. They clearly rushed to get ready so they could play. He spit up rain, but lightning came. They chased us away and the rain is now the worst I have ever seen.”

Slash added: “Tonight’s cancellation of Welcome to Rockville was a huge disappointment. We were really looking forward to the show. But the weather had other ideas. We sympathize with all of you who rained with us, that Another time, sooner rather than later!”

Welcome to Rockville is hoping for a better result on Sunday, May 22, with Nine Inch Nails, Smashing Pumpkins and the Porno for Pyros reunion headlining. Halestorm, The Pretty Reckless, The Struts, Poppy, The Hu, Spiritbox and many more are also ready to play.

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