What is the diet frequently followed by Georges St-Pierre?


Georges St-Pierre is obsessed with aquatic fasts. Water fasting is a specific period when a person does not eat food and only drinks water.

Georges St-Pierre is still in impeccable physical health and devotedly focused on his training and his diet. “Rush” often uses social media to educate fans about his training and diet.

He frequently publishes articles on water fasting and highly recommends fasting for his elite physical health at the age of 40.

It is said that water fasting has multiple benefits. It decreases the risk of chronic diseases, stimulates autophagy, detoxifies the digestive system and rejuvenates the body.

Georges St-Pierre, while he Lex Fridman Podcast, spoke about his water-fasting diet. He said:

“So I do a 3-day water fast, four times a year. I do it after New Years… I see it more as a cleanse, like a detox so to speak. Everyone is different because. I’m a very active person and everyone has different genetics. For me, I feel like 3 days is the right place. Because I still train during those three days, the first two days, I don’t change anything, I train according to my regular schedule. However, on the third day, I change a bit, I do something easier. “

The former UFC welterweight champion also opened up about how he cured his ulcerative colitis through water fasting.

“It really changed my life. I was diagnosed [ulcerative] colitis and it helps me get rid of all my symptoms … I found that a lot of people with this disease got better with natural means like fasting, consuming fermented foods, collagen .. .and it has made a huge difference in my life. I wish I had known that before. “

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Georges St-Pierre also practiced intermittent fasting before his fight with Michael Bisping

Georges St-Pierre was scheduled to face Michael Bisping at UFC 217 for the middleweight title in 2017.

Traveling to be strong enough for the middleweight division by eating hearty meals, the Canadian was diagnosed with colitis. After successfully winning the belt by submitting “The Count”, St-Pierre officially retired from MMA in 2019.

At The Joe rogan To live, the 40-year-old explained how intermittent fasting had helped him get rid of the symptoms of ulcerative colitis.

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