Why Switch To Online Banking? The 5 Good Reasons for Credit Loans

You must have heard about banks online. But you may be hesitant to transfer your accounts to this type of bank. However, they offer many advantages among which lower fees, ease of management, time saving … It is no coincidence that, in 2018, three quarters of account openings are made on an online bank . To convince yourself, here are five advantages of an online bank.


Ease of management and efficient customer service


 Ease of management and efficient customer service


Online banks are strong and operations are completely secure. But above all, it is extremely easy to manage your accounts.

If you need advice, online banks have a very effective customer service. Telephone counselors can be reached over a wide range of times, often up to 22 hours on weekdays and 20 hours on Saturdays, as is the case for ING Direct .
With online banking applications, you manage your accounts from your smartphone, computer or tablet.


Automated actions give you peace of mind


 Automated actions give you peace of mind


With online banks, many actions are automated. It is thus possible to receive SMS alert for free to better manage his account. The customization of these alerts is simple, reliable and fast.

All current services are offered, whether it is the bank account, current transactions, savings accounts or financial investments .

You save a lot of time


 You save a lot of time

On an online bank, you manage all of your activities via the Internet. All operations can be done from your computer, smartphone or tablet. It is no longer necessary to make an appointment with a physical advisor to carry out your various steps. You manage your account yourself. But this does not prevent you from accessing personalized advice by phone or email.

Your customer area gives you the ability to track your accounts constantly, wherever you are and seven days a week. This perfectly secure place gives you access to the history of your transactions, allows you to place orders, print your documents …

It is even possible to subscribe to different products 100% online thanks to the electronic signature.

You pay less


By opening an account in an online bank, you save money. As online banks do not have a physical agency, they have less costs to bear than a conventional bank. This allows them to offer much more competitive prices and the savings can reach 500 euros per year.

Online, many services are free. This is very often the case with the bank card. Even when this card is paid, you save, on average 50% compared to that proposed by a conventional bank. Savings products are also free of entry and exit fees while general rates are more attractive than those of a physical bank.

Online banks regularly make interesting offers for opening an account. You can earn 80 euros (or more) by simply opening an online account.

It is completely complementary with a traditional bank


If you are attached to your traditional bank, nothing prevents you to open anyway an account in an online bank. Both systems can be complementary. If you are very attached to your appointments with your advisor, you can very well keep an account in a conventional bank and complete your needs on an online bank.


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