Wishes from Bol Choth 2021, greetings from Bahula Chaturthi and HD images: WhatsApp messages, GIFs and photos of telegrams to celebrate the day


Fasting is one of the most auspicious ways to celebrate various festivals in India. Many types of fasting festivals are celebrated according to the cycle of the seasons. Traditionally, Indians celebrate certain festivals by fasting to show their devotion, with the intention of protecting animals or nature for centuries. Yagyas, puja religions, fasts, donations, rituals, have always been performed with true devotion. Many people observe the Bahula Chaturthi fast, also known as the Bol Choth. They worship Lord Ganesha and the cows for this fasting festival. This fast is observed by the daughters-in-law. According to legends, thanks to this fast, children are blessed and protected. Women who fast on this day after bathing rituals and also worship Lord Ganesh. On this day you can send WhatsApp stickers, GIF images and SMS from our collection compiled for the occasion. Bahula Chaturthi 2021 Date & Godhuli Puja Muhurat: Know Tithi, Puja Rituals and Meaning of Bol Choth Festival.

Women who fast also worship Lord Ganesha with proper rituals and offering Arghya at moonrise. Devotees offer Lord Ganesha naivedia of laddus to please the gods for wealth and good fortune. Bahula Chaturthi or Bol Chauth is one of the main festivals in the country. This fast and this worship is also linked to farmers. Cows are revered by farmers and the women of their families. Heramba Sankashti Ganesh Chaturthi 2021 Date & Shubh Muhurat: Know Tithi, Puja Rituals and Meaning of Hindu Festival.

Bahula Chaturthi is celebrated in almost every state in the country, but it is considered the main holiday in Gujarat. Worshiping cows on Bahula Chaturthi brings good fortune to the devotees. The faithful also worship Lord Krishna on that day, for Lord Krishna was Gopalak and was associated with it. To celebrate this day, you can download this amazing collection of wishes and greetings for free to share via WhatsApp, Facebook and SMS:

Bol Chauth 2021 (image file)

WhatsApp message readings: Happy Bowl Choth!

Bahula Chaturthi (image file)

WhatsApp message readings: Happy Bahula Chaturthi!

Chauth Bowl (image file)

WhatsApp message readings: Happy Bowl Choth!

Lord Ganesha is considered the Lord of Chaturthi. Along with Lord Ganapati, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are also worshiped. This festival is specially celebrated in Gujarat and is called Bol Chauth. Due to the timing of the new moon, this fast is observed in Gujarat the Chaturthi of Krishna Paksha of the month of Sawan. Nag Panchami is celebrated one day before the festival. In other places it is called Bahula Chaturthi.

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