Woman-Founded Company Launches ThePerfect3 – Paleo-Friendly Collagen Creamer

ThePerfect3 is designed to energize mornings and elevate lifestyles.

ThePerfect3, a startup founded by women, launches its breakthrough flagship product, ThePerfect3 Collagen Creamer. Offered in two flavors, Chocolate Coconut and Chai Tea, the creams are made from potent natural ingredients known for their health benefits. They contain no fillers, additives, gums, GMOs or artificial flavors. ThePerfect3 creams are meticulously crafted to energize mornings, quell cravings, and promote mental clarity and focus.

“I created ThePerfect3 to share healthy products people can trust. We don’t skimp. We always use the best quality ingredients available, even if it means less profit. I truly believe we all deserve better food industry, and I decided to create this,” says Jenn Ditzhazy, founder and creator of ThePerfect3.

As an innovator and health enthusiast, Jen combines advances in science with the healing power of food to create a product that creates long-lasting youthful vibrancy. She understands that clean, gut-healing foods, balanced with the proper nutrients, are at the heart of a healthy life. This is what Perfect3 Cream is all about.

It highlights three powerful ingredients: grass-fed collagen for better skin, nails and hair; inulin fiber for gut health and boosting immunity; and MCT oils for better focus and energy. This trio of ingredients works synergistically to improve mental and physical well-being while reducing cravings and hunger.

ThePerfect3 Collagen Cream is shelf stable and fits perfectly into any lifestyle. One can simply add the product to one’s usual morning coffee or tea and enjoy the natural energy it provides. For a more adventurous take, ThePerfect3 Creamer is a great addition to frozen lattes, smoothies, yogurt, and even cookies for those afternoon pick-me-ups and sweet tooth cravings.

With the growing interest in holistic health approaches, ThePerfect3 Collagen Cream serves as accessible inspiration for healthier living. ThePerfect3 says it will continue to innovate and create products that positively impact the well-being of its consumers at every stage of their lives.

ThePerfect3 Cream is available for shipping across the United States. Delivery is free. Find more information here: https://www.theperfect3.com/.

About ThePerfect3

ThePerfect3 is a female-empowered startup launched in February this year. He is driven by a desire to bring products that inspire healthier food choices leading to a balanced and vibrant life. ThePerfect3 is uncompromising in its use of clean, natural, high-quality ingredients and is passionate about supporting organizations around the world that improve mental health and brain health. Each quarter, it donates 3% of its net profits to an organization with the same mission.

Media Contact
Company Name: ThePerfect3
Contact: Jennifer Ditzhazy
E-mail: Send an email
Call: 661-383-2313
The country: United States
Website: https://www.theperfect3.com/

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