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The latest addition to the growing village of Tamahere is Poppypeach Cafe, a pop of vibrant color that lights up its corner of Devine Rd even on a dull fall day.

I recently had lunch with a local friend only to bump into another friend also giving the place up once again. She was impressed and well fed. As it turned out, we were too.

After being informed in the slightly longer than expected period until opening in mid-May, “there will be smoothies”, we two diners were surprised by the wide variety of tasty dishes. The kind that didn’t need to be sucked into a (paper) straw.

Options galore. For the omnivore. The vegetarian / vegan. The paleo. Gluten free. Apparently the whole gamut of diets in this time of diverse diet. What seemed like a smart move for this time and this neighborhood.

So it’s no surprise that Poppypeach is a local business – scholar Angie Millar, the former architect of the fundraising miracle who was the Devine eats cookbook, and who is also chair of the Tamahere community center committee, skillfully supported by her dynamo mom Jo Wilde.

Poppy, center, opens Poppypeach with help from mom Angie

Angie shares the background to the launch of Poppypeach on the cafe’s website in a story that seems very relevant to young women today. And probably young men too.

“Like many women, I have lived through years of messy eating – counting calories, eating unsustainable diets, exercising too much and developing negative feelings about food,” she says.

“I’ve let my biased thoughts on food and body image steal some sunshine at times when I should have been completely carefree. This kind of thinking is all too common and goes against everything that I now know about food for wellness, energy and fun.

“A few years ago, I was a busy mother of 4 young children, running a health care agency with over 100 employees and a husband who often worked away during the week.

“To save our sanity, we hired Kayla as a nanny – a job that included preparing meals – and we quickly found out that we both love feeding people; it’s our way of giving love.

“Kayla was health-seeking herself, and by making simple changes to the way she ate, she tamed painful and chronic illnesses, gained energy, and discovered a better, easier and more enjoyable way to take care for his well-being. “

Angie and Kayla’s partnership gave Tamahere Poppypeach, named Poppy, Angie’s daughter.

We two guests liked the atmosphere. It was fun. We liked the food. It was tasty. There was good tea. We will return.

Check out the menu here. Or venture into the store. Boutique 4, 65 Devine Road. Open weekdays from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturdays from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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