Yubi’s business lending platform, Yubi Loans, sees 200% growth in deal value across 30 industries in FY22

Yubi Loans, India’s largest business lending platform, announced that it recorded a record 200% growth in deal value over the past fiscal year. The platform has recorded global deals of ₹10,000 crore across 30 major sectors, bolstering the country’s corporate debt infrastructure.

Commenting on this development, Gaurav Kumar, Founder and CEO of Yubi, said, “The micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME) sector is undoubtedly the backbone of India’s economy. Yet over 50 million businesses in India today have little or no access to formal credit. To help realize the Prime Minister’s dream of a $5 trillion economy, this segment must take the lead, and for that, access to finance is essential. At Yubi, we believe that securing prudent capital is the right of every business, and technology is the only way forward to help us achieve that scale. Only when all Indian businesses have access to credit can we truly #LeverageIndia, providing businesses with access to credit where credit is due.

The central role that Yubi Loans has undertaken here is to build the lending infrastructure for banks to access thousands of businesses through our AI/ML-based matchmaking algorithms.

Aniket Deshpande, Commercial Director of Yubi Loans, said, “Banks have started to digitize complex procedures such as underwriting and credit scoring to speed up loan disbursement, which is one of the ways in which SME loans are embracing digitalization. Yubi Loans acts as an operating system allowing banks to assess, reduce risk and monitor a large number of businesses in real time. Another significant development on the platform is the growing interest of lenders in relatively niche segments such as startups and new economy companies.

Yubi Loans is committed to bringing innovative new loan products to the Indian market and will soon introduce Loan Against Property (LAP) to this market. The digitized LAP option will target SMEs for faster disbursement.

“The goal is to reduce the burden on corporate banking by supporting and ensuring data-driven decision-making and integrating the platform with core banking solutions armed with next-generation technologies,” Aniket added. .

The platform will also have a Green Channel privilege for investors to enable faster TAT for loan disbursement. This feature will help investors to accurately identify potential transactions and match preferences with the client and their requirements. Currently, there are over 3,000 borrowers and over 250 lenders on the platform.


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