Does it take longer to plan your evening meal than to make it?




Is your food budget getting more expensive every week?




Are you tired of complex, expensive and ugly recipe software?




EzyEating Makes It Easy to Eat Right

EzyEating recipe software helps you take control of your meal planning, finances and fitness by storing your recipes and using them to generate a unique weekly menu according to your preferences.

EzyEating helps beat the boredom of eating the same meals every week and puts your old recipes at your fingertips instead of searching through kitchen drawers for tattered scraps of paper.

Mum and dad are always busy and it gets difficult to plan meals and make weekly grocery lists. With EzyEating recipe management software, it is effortless to plan meals and make grocery lists without paying for unnecessary, complicated features.

If you don't have your own favorite dishes, EzyEating comes with a variety of delicious pre-loaded recipes so you have many tasty options to choose from.  You even get a free recipe bonus with your purchase of EzyEating software.




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Keep It Simple

No matter how little time you have, EzyEating keeps it simple so you can easily install the recipe software and generate daily or weekly menus in mere moments.  After all, who has time to figure out complicated recipe management software?


Share Your Secret Recipes

Forget using scraps of paper that get lost or misplaced because EzyEating even simplifies recipe sharing.  If you decide to finally share those secret recipes with your friends and family, EzyEating can email any recipe to them.



Random Menu Planning

EzyEating randomly creates a weekly menu based on all the recipes you have stored so you never have to wonder what's for dinner.  If you don't like the random menu selection, you can change any or all of it to customize your own weekly menu.  You can automatically adjust the meal sizes based on servings, change units of measure and take advantage of EzyEating Pro's incredible conversion tool so you can make any recipe from anywhere in the world.


EzyEating Offers Two Choices

For people looking for simple recipe management software, Simply EzyEating gives you everything you want without confusing extras.  If you want more sophisticated recipe software, our new EzyEating Pro offers updated features such as database backup, measurement conversions, XML recipe import, additional recipe details with nutritional information and an improved shopping list.